Meta update (not the Facebook kind of meta though)

Hey readers! It’s been a little quiet here lately.

I’ve got a Drafts app full of half-baked drafts, none of which I’ve been quite ready to pull the trigger on. I’ll keep finishing those up and drip them out over the next couple weeks.

I’m no longer expecting to hit my 100 posts in 2021 goal, though.

I’m not mad about it. Despite great optimism about 2021, the last few months have been a particularly difficult time in my life, and my mental energy has been spent chewing on these difficulties instead of thinking up new stuff to write.

Instead, my writing energy went largely into private journal entries, and that was where I needed to be directing my writing energy.

I do remain highly opinionated and I continue to love firing off opinions into the ether. I’ll post as many good posts as I can for the rest of 2021, and try not to feel too bad that there will be less than 100 of these.


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