My Sweet Setup: MindNode

screenshot of MindNode
It’s a niche use case but when I need it, nothing is better than a mind map, and MindNode is a fantastic tool for building them.

If you’ve never used mind maps before, I highly recommend them. At their core they’re just an outline, but they’re presented on an infinite canvas. When presented like this, it’s trivial to segue from one idea to the next and form ideas that you didn’t realize you had in you.

I love to use a mind map when I am working on a talk, presentation, or blog post about a topic, and I want to explore what I know and what I want to talk about. I can then traverse the mind map quickly and add structure to the document I’m producing.

MindNode works really nicely and has simple keyboard shortcuts. It also has an iOS app that works seamlessly with the Mac app, and when you save your documents in iCloud they’re both easily accessible from both your Macs and iOS devices, handy when you are working on building out a mind map over a long period of time.

And when you want to share your mind map, MindNode offers a ton of options. You can export in a variety of textual formats, a giant PNG, or even a PDF.


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