What’s to come in 2021 on icanthascheezburger

I made a bold goal that in 2021 I would post 100 blog posts throughout the year.

Given that I only posted 30 things in 2020, you might be wondering how I aim to more than triple my output on this blog.

Well, it starts off with fluffy posts like this one where I don’t post any actual content, but tease some other stuff I’ve been working on.

A taste of what’s to come:

  • A review of Aubrey Gordon’s What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Fat
  • A series of posts called My Sweet Setup, which will be a spiritual successor to my Favorite Things series where I talked about some of my favorite wares. This one will be more extensive than ever; I will go deeply into some of my specific tool choices, and will discuss most all of the hardware and software I use on a daily basis, as well as some other notable products. The goal here is not blatant consumerism, but rather to help people pick out tools that are great for the long haul.
  • I will finally write up a series of posts on The Case Against Scale. I think I have at least half a dozen short essays’ worth of material to discuss, most of which I dug up as I was preparing my Empex LA talk last year
  • I have two small tech projects that I absolutely want to finish in the next month or two, and I will write about both of them.
  • After I finish those tech projects I want to reflect on why I spent so much time procrastinating on these really small projects

Finally, I have a mind map built up containing a lot of thoughts I have gathered up about the current state of diversity, inclusion & belonging at tech companies today, and why none of what we’re doing is enough to address the actual concerns. I’m still on the fence about whether I want to post it, wavering between “literally the last thing we need is another cis white dude opining on the state of diversity in tech” and “I feel a mandate to share my thoughts on this specifically because cis white dudes in tech need to be stepping up”.


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