This is Not a Filler Post

I haven’t posted a ton lately.

It’s not for a lack of writing! I’ve drafted a lot of things up, but even after rounds of edits, the posts aren’t something that sparks enough joy that I want to post it (and seeing all the posts that have made the cut, you probably can imagine how bad these are).

I write about a bunch of things, but I never really want to post something that feels like I was just going through the motions; for each thing I post, I want it to have a spark to it that I feel passionate about.

For my Apple-specific writing, I’ve been struggling to write stuff that’s worthwhile. I’ll either be too inside-baseball for a casual observer, but for the crowd that likes the Apple inside baseball, my stuff is way late to the game and I’m not really offering that many good or new insights. A lot of the Apple stuff in my Drafts app read like I breathlessly weighed in on a current Apple event without really having anything particularly interesting or novel to say.

I’m still challenging myself to get to 100 posts this year, but I’m not going to just grind my way to 100 joyless posts. I want to post 100 posts that each sparked some joy.

I kind of liked my Sweet Setup series earlier this year, not only because it was a steady source of new content, but also because I was sharing about a bunch of tools I’m passionate about.

I’d like to expand on my Case Against Scale talk from 2020 with a series of short essays this summer, making the case against massive tech companies through the lens of current events in the tech sphere.

I also wrote up something about Pride, which I should have posted during June, but it was kind of a busy month. I think it’s also subject to a total rewrite.

Ultimately, I think of writing on here the same way I think of cooking: it’s a really enjoyable hobby, but as an endeavor it’s only worth it if the end product is something really enjoyable. I suppose theoretically I could just be writing and posting into an echo chamber and that is somewhat therapeutic in itself, but that’s what my journal is for.

Mr Rogers drawing a house saying he's not very good at it, but it doesn't matter


100 Posts for 2021

I am happy to say that as of yesterday, I am back on schedule to have published 100 posts by the end of this year.

The hiatus of posts earlier in the year wasn’t from me not writing anything; in fact, I was writing a lot! But most of the posts were in the My Sweet Setup series, and I had unresolved Mac Pro issues, and it didn’t feel right to post that series until I had that issue resolved (since I consider my Mac Pro to be the lynchpin of my setup).

I’ve had a solid posting streak recently as well! This marks either 20 or 21 days of at least one post per day.

I’ve also pushed myself to publish more things, and hit that Post (or schedule) button more quickly without trying to polish each post to within an inch of its life.

I’m also just trying to post more random stuff that comes to my head. Not everything I post has to be a life-changing epiphany, and if I always hold back on posting stuff because I’m waiting for the perfect thing, I won’t be refining my own writing skills in the meantime.

Anyway, I hope this has been engaging filler content, and this gets me 1% closer to my goal, and it keeps my writing streak going!


My Sweet Setup: writer’s reflections

I’ve got a ton of My Sweet Setup posts drafted and in varying states.

I don’t dig much into engagement or views or anything, but my initial impressions are that no one gives a fuck about my setup.

I’m still reflecting on the writing myself. I think I keep veering too far into trying to write reviews of these products, and that’s not what I am good at nor should be doing. My goal here is to talk about some of my favorite gear and software and what I love about them.

I’m not really doing this for views so I’m not going to A/B test my content within an inch of its life to try to juice up as much engagement as possible; I just want to make sure that I’m writing things that are good in some way, and can possibly be helpful to someone.

I’ve got some queued up to go out throughout the week. I hope you get some enjoyment out of them!