Networking: the reality

What I imagine networking to be:

“Oh, hey, Arun, this is Michael, from GreenGerms.  How’s it going? I remember last week when we were chatting at the Python meetup about how you were trying to figure out how best to get the schmeggle out of video files that get uploaded to the web.  I met up with my buddy Sven this week and he’s actually working on a master’s thesis that deals with the de-schmeggling of video content and he’d love to share the technology with you guys to see if it works for you.”


The reality of networking:

“Oh, hey, Peter, it’s Søren, how you doing?  So, remember three months ago when we were both at this conference that only I attended because my professor told me to get out and network?  I don’t remember what it was about; I was pretty hung over and really only there to kiss people’s asses.  Now do you remember me? No? I was the one pestering everyone and giving them my business card and somehow expecting that to pass as establishing meaningful relationships.  Yeah, that one. Now you remember? Oh, good.  Well, I was looking to apply for this position at your company and I was hoping you might be able to put in a good word for me, maybe pull some strings with HR, get me an interview?



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