My favorite things Issue 1: Backnobber II a.k.a. the Forever Alone Massager

I love things, especially things that are well made. In fact, I love things so much, I decided to start a new series right here on icanthascheezburger just to tell you about a few of these things. I don’t get any kickbacks from any of the things I recommend (check the links for affiliate codes; there aren’t any!). They’re just things I love and use almost every day.

Forever alone massager

The Forever Alone Massager, as I lovingly call my Backnobber II, is just fantastic. Working at a desk can lead to some knots in hard to reach places on my back, and even if I can reach them, I can’t really apply the kind of pressure needed to really get those knots worked out just by contorting my arms to reach my back.  

The Forever Alone Massager takes care of that neatly by giving you two different sized hooks you can use to reach your back with ease. The wider hook reaches more places on your back, but the smaller hook has less give, allowing for a really intense, deep massage of the neck and shoulders. 

At $30 (on Amazon) it isn’t super cheap but it’s very well designed and durable, being made of a fiberglass reinforced nylon. Put together the massager is kind of big but it comes apart into two pieces which can easily fit in a backpack.

My only complaint about it is that if I’m pulling really hard (and I mean really hard) the massager will sometimes pull apart into two pieces. If this is a concern the company that makes these also sells their original one which is made of metal and is a single piece (I’m thinking about getting that one too, just so I have one at work and at home).

The original Backnobber with Big Bend (Amazon)

Backnobber II (Amazon)

2 responses to “My favorite things Issue 1: Backnobber II a.k.a. the Forever Alone Massager”

  1. Allison says:

    You’re like Oprah!

  2. Brian says:

    One of the great things about this cane shaped tool over other ones is that you can detach it and fit it into your gym bag.

    I haven’t had the issue with the two pieces coming apart. If you need a better cane shape tool, definitely the Theracane can hold things together. The only down side is its kind of funny looking if you ever do pull it out at the gym.

    I also recommend the Muscle Wizard for these back massages. Instead of your arms, you can use your weight and legs to pull the multiple knobs of the Muscle Wiz to massage the back.

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