So how’d I do?

I think I did relatively well this time. iPhone 4S? Check. Same design as iPhone 4? Check. Faster processor? Check. Better camera? Check. NFC? I was hoping for an NFC sensor to be added, but no dice. After having seen Touchanote for Evernote I got rather excited for what NFC might bring to our lives. Better battery life? Check. World phone? Check, but nothing really revolutionary with carrier agnosticism.

Other stuff I got wrong was related to iPods. The Classic lives to see another day, and the Shuffle didn’t seem to get the axe. The iPod Touches did get mentions, but little more. Just new prices and a white version. Some hardware love would have been appreciated.

I knew that Apple bought Siri and that this partnership was to come to fruition at some point in the near future, but failed to mention any of it in my prediction post. So that’s a miss for me. Sad, too, because that really is one of the biggest features of iPhone 4S. It does a lot to eliminate the app silo-ing that iOS has been proliferating in the past few years. I think the notification center will do a lot to address that as well.

I was also right about people complaining about there being no major redesign. For me, it’s moot. iPhone’s design is still way more sophisticated than that of any other phone on the market. It doesn’t feel dated by any means, and the most important aspects of the phone have been massively improved. And I know that my accessories all still will fit the 4S.

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