The First World Problems of Being a Mac Pro Owner

So I’m doing some housekeeping in DEVONthink, and it’s in the process of indexing and creating thumbnails for a folder I just relocated and want to re-index.

And I watch the progress bar move along at this leisurely pace, and then I go and check out DEVONthink’s CPU usage, and it’s sitting here politely sipping at my CPU as it gently moves through the work it has to do:

a CPU chart showing DEVONthink only using 117% CPU while doing some batch work. Meanwhile, Docker, which I'm not even using, is taking up 127% CPU.

Umm, no, DEVONthink.

I want you to pound these CPUs.

I did not spend ten freaking grand on Apple’s highest end computer for you to try to be polite about resource use. I’m not on a laptop here.

I appreciate you being polite, but look at Docker over there! I’m not even using any containers right now and Docker is happy to consume even more processor cycles than you! And even Slack is putting in a good effort while not even being visible on screen.

Tear through these files, please! Use up the memory! I have almost 100 gigs of it just sitting right here. There’s 45 gigs not even being used right now! Come on, what are you waiting for?


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