My Sweet Setup: writer’s reflections

I’ve got a ton of My Sweet Setup posts drafted and in varying states.

I don’t dig much into engagement or views or anything, but my initial impressions are that no one gives a fuck about my setup.

I’m still reflecting on the writing myself. I think I keep veering too far into trying to write reviews of these products, and that’s not what I am good at nor should be doing. My goal here is to talk about some of my favorite gear and software and what I love about them.

I’m not really doing this for views so I’m not going to A/B test my content within an inch of its life to try to juice up as much engagement as possible; I just want to make sure that I’m writing things that are good in some way, and can possibly be helpful to someone.

I’ve got some queued up to go out throughout the week. I hope you get some enjoyment out of them!


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