100 Posts for 2021

I am happy to say that as of yesterday, I am back on schedule to have published 100 posts by the end of this year.

The hiatus of posts earlier in the year wasn’t from me not writing anything; in fact, I was writing a lot! But most of the posts were in the My Sweet Setup series, and I had unresolved Mac Pro issues, and it didn’t feel right to post that series until I had that issue resolved (since I consider my Mac Pro to be the lynchpin of my setup).

I’ve had a solid posting streak recently as well! This marks either 20 or 21 days of at least one post per day.

I’ve also pushed myself to publish more things, and hit that Post (or schedule) button more quickly without trying to polish each post to within an inch of its life.

I’m also just trying to post more random stuff that comes to my head. Not everything I post has to be a life-changing epiphany, and if I always hold back on posting stuff because I’m waiting for the perfect thing, I won’t be refining my own writing skills in the meantime.

Anyway, I hope this has been engaging filler content, and this gets me 1% closer to my goal, and it keeps my writing streak going!


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