My favorite things: Sugru

I’ve recently introduced myself to Sugru (pronounced “sue grew”) and I’m really finding myself enamored with it.
Unlike the other products I post on here, Sugru has no particular use in and of itself. Sugru is simple; it’s just a silicone-based substance that feels a little like Play-Doh and in 24 hours will cure in whatever shape you’ve left it in.
It has some interesting properties. It bonds to a lot of surfaces very effectively. It is waterproof. It’s (somewhat) heat-proof. And you can remove it from a surface if you no longer need it.
This makes it a great tool for repairing things. Got a cable that’s fraying? Put Sugru on it! Want to prevent your iPhone cables from fraying? Put a Sugru grip around the part that is most vulnerable to stress! 
I really like the mindset that Sugru puts you into. It really takes the hacker mindset that is engrained in people who love to hack software things, and with a very simple product it opens up the ability for you to hack physical objects in a lot of ways. It gives you the ability to 3D print your own objects in a rudimentary way; it’s simply silicone modeling clay!
I strongly recommend that you just go and order yourself some on Amazon (or pick some up at Radio Shack before they go bankrupt; they happen to carry it!). Put it in the fridge (it keeps 3x longer that way) and save it for the next time you find that you have a need for it. It’s only a matter of time before you find a great use for some.

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