My favorite things: Plantronics BackBeat FIT

There are a ton of Bluetooth headphone options out there, but for some reason none of them work that well for me. Most are earbud-style and they always fall out of my ears (maybe that’s just how earbuds are). My previous Bluetooth headphones of choice were another pair of Plantronics headphones, the venerable PLT-BB903+ (just rolls right off the tongue, I know), but they weren’t looking very good this side of the year 2010. 
The BackBeat Fit is like a modernized reinvention of the old BackBeat headphones. This is what they look like:
You can imagine the squeal I made when I saw this was the color they came in. Hats off to Plantronics for doing such spot-on market research!
They come in blue, too. I own a pair of these as well and these are my desk pair.
The design of these headphones is fantastic. The most important distinction between these Bluetooth headphones and most others is that these aren’t earbuds, nor are they trying to be. They hook over your ear.
That makes an incredible difference. They won’t fall out of your ears because your ears themselves are propping them up. That makes these headphones I can actually go out and do stuff with because I don’t have to worry they’ll fall out.
Another great thing about them not being earbuds is that they don’t try to seal off your eardrums. They just rest comfortably in your ear and you can still hear your surroundings, and they sound clear, not muffled, as they do when you wear normal earbuds and get them to make a seal. They’re a very safe choice if you’re going to be doing things like crossing streets while listening to a podcast. For added safety, the headsets are colored with reflective paint.
Bluetooth reception and battery life are great on these too. These can easily get me through a full workday on one charge, and I can keep my phone in whichever pocket I want without the sound cutting out. 
I have a lot of headphones but these are probably the ones I spend the most hours listening to things on. 
I can also attest to Plantronics’s great warranty service (but save your original receipt in Evernote or something!). My initial pair of these headphones spontaneously quit on me one day, and Plantronics was quick to the draw with a replacement pair, overnighting it to me before I even mailed the old ones back. No emailing back and forth was needed, no phone call, just a quick filling out of their web form. I’m not thrilled they died spontaneously like that, but I have to tip my hat to Plantronics for taking care of it so fast.

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