Hi, I’m Aaron.

I’ve been writing lots of posts on the web, but they’ve mostly existed in various places and didn’t get to be viewed by the world at large.  I’ve got nearly 200 Facebook notes right now, and I’ll be moving in some of my older, more awesome posts on slow news days when I don’t have anything else to say.

These first posts are always kind of lame, because they never really have any content, and usually about 95% of these first posts end up being one of the only posts that get written.  Well, I like to rant a lot about things, so don’t worry; this won’t be the only post here.

But, I’ll not drag this post on too much, because it already sounds lame, boring and dry.  You’ll learn about my kind of wide array of interests soon enough, but here are some quick facts about me:

  • I’m a Mac evangelist, but I use Windows a lot too.  Also a Linux enthusiast from time to time.
  • Love mobile OSes, particularly iOS and Android.  The rest don’t really have much of a future.
  • I’m a gay rights advocate, and I love having discussions about the theory of being queer, and gender related topics.
  • I enjoy discussing fundamental political philosophies.
  • I’m more existentialist than religious.
  • I work in the healthcare IT industry, and healthcare access for all is very important to me.
  • I love art, but am not good at it.
  • I’m a little eccentric.
  • I’m interested in sustainability and the environment.
  • I kind of have a thing for the 90s.

I hope this doesn’t become a place where I broadcast my thoughts for you to absorb (which admittedly sounds a little sexy, albeit kinky), but rather, I hope my posts can be the seeds of discussion, and I hope I can form relationships with my readers (also kinky).

So click that RSS button in your browser, because this is going to be fun.  Go ahead, click it now.  I’ll wait.  You know you want to do it.

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